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Maybe this will help.

One or two minute news reports on the nightly national news about the recent collapsing of the nation’s fifth largest investment bank, Bear Stearns, will not give you any insight into the inner workings of how we, the taxpayers, were just swindled out of a minimum $29 billion dollars.

However, to understand the rip-off in the simplest of terms is to have experienced watching a street hustler conning an unsuspecting rube with the shell game.

After Michael Moore’s brilliant expose of the Carlyle Group in "Fahrenheit 9-11," hundreds of millions of people around the world now have a very clear picture of how the Bush family has been in league with Saudi oil tycoons including the Bin Laden family in a private-equity giant known as the Carlyle Group.

As well, the Bush-Cheney oil magnate regime is closely aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations, which was founded by the Rockefellers. It is no mystery how crude oil has gone from $22 a barrel to over $107 a barrel during their tenure helming the nation.

Up until March 14, 2008 and that week of the Bear Stearns collapse, there existed Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited (ticker symbol CARYF) which is an affiliate of the Bush family’s Carlyle Group. According to articles in the Washington Post and Dow Jones Market Watch on Tuesday, March 11, 2008, Carlyle Capital, which earlier had assets of $21.7 billion, expected certain unnamed lenders to “substantially seize” all of its remaining assets. Carlyle Capital began receiving accelerated margin calls, demanding cash to cover mortgage-backed securities losses, by these same unnamed lenders.

The Washington Post report, according to Market Watch, suggested “that the private equity firm's three co-founders, William Conway, David Rubenstein and Daniel D'Aniello, are considering a plan to pump new money into the fund.”

But eight days later, on March 19th, Market Watch reported that “Carlyle Capital, the bond fund affiliated with private equity firm The Carlyle Group, said Wednesday that its liquidators have found the fund's ‘substantial liabilities’ are likely to exceed its assets and it's therefore considered insolvent.”

Carlyle Capital: Insolvent. Broke. Bankrupt. $21.7 billion written down and transferred to new ownership.

But not so bad compared to the U.S. national debt created under the Bush Administration’s oversight of the United States, which according to the U.S. National Debt Clock as of April 5, 2008 now stands at $9.439 Trillion dollars, and growing at a rate of $1.69 Billion per day.

It stands to reason that the Bush’s Carlyle Group would pay the price for the transgressions of its affiliate, Carlyle Capital. But reason, law and justice are not the rule of the day. It is the shell game that rules our country currently.

So who was the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb, the Oswald if you will in this diabolical world of high finance? Obviously, it was Bear Stears, the nations’s fifth largest investment bank. When you play with the devil, expect to get burned by the devil.

And so it happened that JP Morgan Chase & Co was gifted Bear Stearns via the Federal Reserve, at the expense of you and me, the American taxpayers, a burden to be shard by our children.

JPMorgan and The Federal Reserve: Joined at the Hip

Bear Stearns is not without fault. It played the game of greed, and apparently was selected as the loser in a game of sub-prime mortgage-backed securities musical chairs.

The shell game came to roost at Bear Stearns doorstep, just a wee bit late to enjoy the radical changes made in late March 2008 whereby the Federal Reserve (a privately-owned European-controlled Central Bank to the United States) is now lending billions to investment banks, just months ago considered taboo and antithetic to our banking system.

And in some sane financial quarters this outrageous, radical, unprecedented banking practice is still considered dubious at best. Others consider it downright illegal and an abuse of power: the fox letting more foxes into the henhouse.

Still other journalists and investigators may want to consider whether or not the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve, and its European equivalent, are lending to banks are really backed by enough precious metal assets. Or is fiat paper good enough now.

Does the Federal Reserve really have this amount of money to lend, or is it simply pushing digital ones and zeroes, dollars backed by air from one computer screen to another? The ultimate shell game. How will we know? We can’t. No one is allowed to see the accounting for the Federal Reserve.

And if the Federal Reserve has this capital, and the United States has $9.439 Trillion in debt, then who is really running the show here? Are the citizen-taxpayers of the United States in effect just indentured servants to the Federal Reserve, our nation’s primary lender?

Which unnamed lenders seized Carlyle Capital’s assets, and triggered the domino effect on Bear Stearns, well known as a chief creditor of Carlyle Capital? This is an important fact in determining who made the call which culminated in the Bear Stearns collapse, used as justification by the Federal Reserve to essentially hand over Bear Stearns to J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, like a no-bid contract without bankruptcy hearings and due process.

It is also a well-known fact that the Federal Reserve system was largely set up by J.P. Morgan after meetings held beginning November 22, 1910 (following the Panic of 1907) on the Jekyll Island estate of J.P. Morgan.

A brief rundown of the attendees of this infamous gathering will lend some much needed historical perspective. In attendance:
--European banker Paul Warburg representing the Hapsburgs of Europe and Kuhn, Loeb & Co
--Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York;
--A.P. Andrews, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department;
--Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island, father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller Jr.;
and three JP Morgan ranking leaders:
--Henry P. Davison , senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company
--Charles D. Norton, president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York
--Benjamin Strong, representing J. P. Morgan himself.

What is vital to understand is that the Federal Reserve would not exist if it were not for the birthing process due almost entirely to J.P. Morgan’s bank and its cronies. These and other ties have bound both J.P. Morgan and the Central Bank together for almost a century.

The implications to and burdens upon the citizen-taxpayers of the United States because of these historical bedfellows can not be understated. Additional insight into the creation of the Federal Reserve may be gleaned from G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.”

The Visible Players: “The Price of Doing Business”

So is it really a surprise to see that the Federal Reserve, abetted by George W. Bush and current Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, is forcing U.S. taxpayers to pony up another $30 billion-- like a no-bid Halliburton contract-- to J.P Morgan in order to “bailout” (read: hostile takeover) Bear Stearns from a “crisis” in large part due to the collapse and insolvency of the Bush’s Carlyle Group affiliate Carlyle Capital?

No surprise at all to those who have followed the Bush Administration as it has de-regulated numerous business sectors to the point of an almost complete absence of consumer-citizen-taxpayer protection across the board.

Is a President who protects public welfare passe? Are the nation's highest leaders, namely Bush and Cheney, allowed to freely abuse the public trust in the name of national security? Does it even matter to anyone that Bush seized power by virtue of five Supreme Court judges who overuled the Florida Supreme Court on a Saturday when Gore just overtaking Bush in the Florida recount?

"Do you remember walkin' in the (quick)sand...."

In 2008, does “conflict of interest” by the nation’s highest officials have any negative consequences to those perpetrators, or is impeachment or imprisonment just a tired yesteryear concept, a minor, modern risk now considered by political leaders and CEOs as “just the price of doing business” in a Bush-Cheney New World Order America?

Or, are Americans finally figuring it all out? Maybe the shell game is finishing, just as the invisible players and puppet masters try to scurry into new vehicles of despotism, changing their company names and public representatives, erasing past sins in Orwellian tradition. (See Halliburton and its spawn KBR for more insight into this practice.)

Even now National City Bank is being marketed for takeover.

The names must be changed to protect the guilty. If the public reviles Republicans now, the puppet masters will try to bribe and blackmail Democrat leaders into submission.

But maybe, just maybe, the trigger of the Bear Stearns collapse will finally bring out enough public ire and rebuke in a way that revelations about September 11th being an inside job and Building Seven collapsing from controlled demolition have not.

Maybe allowing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians to be slaughtered in the name of freedom was not enough to awake Americans; maybe allowing thousands of U.S. servicemen and women to die was not enough; and maybe the disgrace of America in the eyes of the world was not enough. Maybe only when Americans start taking it on the wallet will their anger turn into action, and force the Congress to charge both the President and Vice President with high war crimes, fraud, and theft of government funds.

Polls, which have been notoriously doctored to downplay years of public suspicions and mistrust of the Bush Administration and its bitch-- the Congress--can no longer hide the fact that the Bush Administration is even more reviled than Nixon at the height of Watergate. The New York Times and CBS both reported on April 4, 2008 that its most recent poll showed that “More than 80 per cent of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction.”

A glimmer of hope. So what do Bush and Cheney plan to do? Distract everyone by instigating a nuclear crisis with Iran: the shell game squared- the genocidal version. That’ll keep Americans occupied enough to forget about these banking scandals.
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